Photograph with in a photograph


This is another really popular picture idea that has been pinned multiple times in the last couple months. It started from one picture that was made into a video and now it has become a family tradition and will stay that way for a while, I believe.

I like this picture a lot because of three elements:

1. The teal picture frame against the all white background and shirts

2. The way that the pictures are tilted a little each picture

3. The way that is in rule of thirds and the pictures are all evenly taken from the first to the last

I think that this idea is really cool because it is something that is different and really easy to do. Also, something that you can keep doing for a really long time. I like that idea of the generations getting younger each picture and the character behind the older women being the center of attention. But also the child in the very first picture is fun and draws attention also.


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