Relationships WANTED: dead or alive

This posts is really for my female readers, but men feel free to chime in and give feedback. Maybe you can give us women answer’s to our most asked questions.

I don’t believe color has anything to do with how men and women act in any relationship. Whether it’s a relationship with two of the same race or gender or vis versa, I believe we all go through the same issues. Cheating in today’s society is the major issue to most relationships. I don’t understand, why cheat? Just be single and mingle. People, both men and women go into this thing we call “relationships” all of the time with the mindset of, “Oh he’s all mine and I’m all his” and vid versa for men, but know that they want polygamy. It really isn’t a hard concept, don’t be in a relationship if you don’t want to be monogamous. I’m sorry for those of you reading this that are more traditional, but let’s be honest it is 2015, really? Who doesn’t date multiple people now and days. 

All guys and all women are the same to a certain extent and men and women are one in the same in a sense. We all know what we want it’s just it takes playing around to get it right? Men let me know something? Am I on the right track? I’m sure I’m not but hey I tried. Ehh… This was just food for thought. Nothing majors. 

Stay single or be a player, either way love and make everyday a great day. 




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