Top 5 pet peeves of 2015 Pt.1: college roommates edition

oUndergrads, grads, working class people, all of whom may have roommates with annoying habits, and this list is dedicated to every one who feels my pain.

5. Uncleanliness 

     When the bathrooms don’t get cleaned, and you always end up having to play maid/butler. Or those days when the dishes seem to overflow and you’re sitting their just looking like, ” So you going to wash today being that I’ve washed everyday for the past month?” Ha! Where does it end? I guess it’s not so bad to be the house mother/father, someone has to keep it up. 

4. Extra guest at the wrong time

  Most roomies know one and other’s schedule. When they are at work or in class, if they’re a night owl or an early bird all of that. So why would a roommate ever just bring guests if their roommate is trying to sleep? That’s like throwing a party in the middle of the week knowing you have work in the morning. Madness! But still no big deal there’s ways around that. 

3. Attitude Spasms

  Don’t be that roommate with attitude strikes, okay? Because that just ruins everyone’s day, all because your tude is messed up. No one likes a roommate who’s constantly in an agreement depression slamming doors or grunting loudly. No! That’s nothing to brag on, it’s showing the true lunitic bipolar crazed syndrome in your genes. 

2. Hateration 

*hateration: the act of being jealous at all things that do not pertain to you

My roommate has this badly. She can not stand for a single soul to be looking, feeling, doing, or being better than she is. MISERY NEEDS COMPANY PEOPLE all of the time and I assure you if someone is miserable enough that will easily find a way to make you their company. Depressed and hopeless like them. 

1. Fakitude 

*fāk•î•tūde: to have a fake or inauthentic  attitude 

This is the number one ultimate pet peeve of all time. More than anything else I cannot stand a fake… Well you know how that goes. But really do not come home acting like we are best friends when in reality we have not one common denominator. Just because we live together doesn’t mean you just crossed over to the best friend club. No buddy, keep it as yours and mine not ours. 

These were based off of my experiences and I hope I import or can help anyone with roommates that really suck. 

Kicks and giggles, 



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