Top 5 body parts that count in a relationship

5. Hair

Some people like hairy, some people like the baby bald look, Most on like or keep hair in the right places whereas others seem not to know when it’s time for a trim. Women with hairiness is not an American thing, but AEuropes cherishes the women with hairiness. I’ll leave that to the men.

4. Feet

I have a problem with this, who wants to sit next to crunchy curly toed feet while hanging out. For men, it’s rare to see nice feet, but women are starting to look a little rough too. I have bad ones from sports, I feel like athletes get a pass, but if you’re able to get them done, i suggest you keep them up s much as possible.

3. Hygene

The body in general. this is horrible, ever met someone who just has a bad body odor? They can get in the shower and scrub soap into their skin and come out smelling like a wet dog or something. Not the most attractive thing in the world.

2. Teeth

Crooked teeth is not the problem but unclean teeth is. When a person does not brush their teeth it tends to bring a tar smell to their breath. I am just saying, my stomach is weak and if your’e breath stinks while you’r in my face, it is over. Kick rocks please!

1. Facial Features

These are the first things we look at besides clothes and all other material things. It is a distraction for something to be off in the face area. Everybody is different and everyone cannot come out looking like Aphrodite the goddess of beauty (did I get that right?).

A good personality makes up for it all,



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