Top 5 pet peeves 2015 Pt.2: college relationships 

5. Hidden Secrets

   Of course as young adults we are not trying to accept having one is best yet, but we have a hard time being honest. Most will probably pounce on me because women are and can be capable of the same stuff men are, but males really do way more than females. They hide the smallest pieces of information that are just pointless to hide. Why? Men do is women a favor and just be real!

4. Sneakiness

  I know I attacked the guys on the last one but here’s to your defense, women are some of the sneakiest people. I am definitely guilty to this. I don’t even believe our sneakiness is accidental, it’s more so revengeful. Sad to say, but true, like we can be so faithful & as soon as our intuition tells us anything out of order, we are on the hunt. Looking through bags, clothes, phones (which I’ve learned my lesson is the ultimate no-no). One we’re done sneaking a peak, we sneak around if we think we found something we oh it’s revenge! We do so much and portray it in innocence to make our partner hurt as much as we think we are hurting. So guys are not the only at fault people in relationships. 

3. Boring Company 

  Clearly, if we spend time with someone we plan to do just that. But this time is precious and not to be wasted so why be boring? 

Want to play? -no

Let’s go out? – I’m tired

How about some loving? – not tonight too much on my mind 

Wow, that’s boredom right there. I don’t know about you all but I honestly would have to say bye-bye to the guy I’m with. Ha! More like adios and don’t come back. Just tragic… 

2. Sexually-Based 

  These are bad, fortunately not the worst. I’m sure good relationships come from this very start. Because we can be honest, no one abides by the 90 day rule anymore, there are a lot of first nighters out there. Hey, no judgement it’s a norm, almost. The flaw to this is there is no real connection. What do you really know about the other person besides what is between their legs? Hmm… Eyebrows raised? 

1. The Side Piece or Back Up Plan 

 This is the worst because almost every person in this position don’t know they’re in it. This can be men or women, it’s hard to say who does it more because it’s so common. But this is just horrible and it sucks our society is set up this way. It must be heartbreaking to find out it was only half real. This has to be a pet peeve to keep meeting people who put people in this position. Ultimate relationship killer.

~ based on accumulation of realistic scenarios 



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