Welcome to College



I think this picture is a perfect representation of how most students feel going through the huge transition from high school to college.

Like most students I was an 4.0 student at my high school, I was in the honors program and I had one of the best grades and work ethic of my entire class.

I thought that I was working hard, sitting in class talking and passing notes. Barely studying because I knew I would do good and not paying attention or taking notes during class.

This killed me come the first day of my first English college course.

Walking in and realizing that the first class we would be standing up in front of 30 people we didn’t know and saying three things that were interesting about yourself and then going over the ten page syllabus for a class that wasn’t even 4 months long. It was breath taking.

On Pinterest, they have all the lists of what to bring. How to make sure you are ready for your first class with a notebook, pen and binder. To make sure you look up and go to your classes for the first day so you don’t walk around the South quad with a map that screams, “I’m a freshman, laugh at me.”

No one actually says, hey college is actually really hard and it is nothing like your little high school sociology and math classes. You have to work, you have to do something everyday and if you skip one class you will get into a habit of doing it for the next four years. No one tells you, you will have to juggle working 20 hours a week at job to pay for all the food and festivities you will do, you will have to juggle 20 hours of sorority or fraternity time because if you don’t join then you have a chance of not fitting in.

No one actually says, hey get your notebook out. This information will be on the test. There isn’t power points with bullets and there isn’t even study guides usually.

Yeah, in High School they say, “This is hard because we are preparing you for college.” And you don’t believe a word that they say because no one actually says how much work and how much stress it puts you through just to get a piece of paper that has a chance of maybe getting you a job.

No one tells you, that getting good grades isn’t going to get you a job. On top of working your butt off to get good grades, you actually have to put in other hours to make sure that you are experienced with something before you go. Because four years of hard schooling isn’t enough to tell someone that you are capable of having a real life job. Because you were send to college because you wanted to follow your dream but ended up short because you decided to go out the night before that big final because it was the last night with some of the people that you will probably never see again in your life.

No one tells you that you may not make friends that will be your bridesmaids, you may not even really feel like you have friends. You are at a school with 15,000 people and you feel like there is one person walking on campus. Yourself

No one tells you that your roommate may leave, you may miss your parents like crazy and the worst thing possible could happen right before finals week and none of your professor care that your dad is really sick and that you want to see him because you need to take your final at exactly 10 AM on thursday because that is what they said and there is no excuses.

No one tells you truly how hard the whole life style will be, sure school is hard but you can get through it if you really try. Getting past the actual feeling of being here, you will never get over. Until you are about to say goodbye to your 6 closest friends because they are graduating and you are staying here, by yourself. Terrified.


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