I recently discovered the purpose of loving your body. It is simply just too feel good, a boost of confidence for a person’s own morality. I say this because there is a misconception about people and their bodies.

For instance, a girl going out on a Saturday night, has on something out of the norm that may turn heads. It can sometimes be for attention, but majority of the time it only is for their self esteem improvement. If a person can be comfortable being uncomfortable, that’s an accomplishment within itself.

Men are the same; there are men that will wear, do, say, portray any image at any time and are judged or call attention seekers, but they are only comfortable in their own skin. Honestly, men are better at handling this than females, because females care way too much about what somebody thinks. Whereas, men just let you like it or hate it and keep pushing on.

Just a little word about confidence.



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