Slackers… or Non-Achievers?

I don’t know what I am right now, I just know it’s not my best. I hit a major wall, hence why I’m writing these post. Does everybody go through the phase of struggle ? I just fell off and at one point I didn’t care whether I got up or not.

I only say that because the class workload got hard and time consuming, on top of all other classes and extracurricular things. My head spun at least twice every day. It got to where I was like forget it I will sleep this off. that resulted in bumming and missing class, but I tried to get myself together and fight hard.

How could I define my sophomore year? This was the year of the famous “sophomore jinx” I just think I have been unlucky this year in every way possible. Lost friends, conflicted with people, in drama, and financially struggled .

Next year will be better, I’m sure of it!



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